Monday, December 20, 2010

Film Film Film

Recently I have re-discovered how much I enjoy film. When I first started learning photography I only had an analog camera, and that is what I learned with for about a year. Once I had the cash I bought my DSLR and didn't touch my analog until recently when I discovered how to develop my own film.

After doing some research I discovered that, In my option, the best and easiest developed to use was Diafine. This stuff, first off, is super easy to use and is extremely forgiving in both developing time and temperature. As long as you develop it somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees and over 3 minutes you are golden.

After I had my chemicals and shot a roll of b&w film, the new Tmax 400 pushed to 800, it was time to developed it. Well living in a dorm i do not have access to a dark room, and i did not want to buy a dark bag, so i made my own dark room, under my desk...

Here she is in all her pride and glory.

The "darkroom" was cramped and uncomfortable, but it got the job done. Once I had the film in the development tank the total time of development was about 15 minuets not that bad at all.

I currently don't have a film scanner so for now I have been taking pictures of the negatives with my digital, I know it defeats the entire purpose, and working them into positives in photoshop. I also have some E-6 slide film and im looking for a development kit, so if you know any place that sells one please let me know. Anyway here are the results from this batch.

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