Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What to do on a hot day

Today I went out with a friend to "play" soccer with him and a few of his buddies, little did he know that I had no intention on kicking a ball around, or that it was 95 degrees out. Anyway, as they ran on the field I pulled out my camera and decided to work on my sports photography skills.

It was fun capturing them but as I continue I began paying more attention to the ball itself. Not really sure why but it started becoming more interesting then the game.

Once the players released released it was too hot to play, your feet would start to burn if you stood still too long, we headed back home and decided to take some portraits to kill time, back to something im more familiar with. After about a half our trying to find an interesting spot in his house i gave into something simple, a white wall.

Another day down.

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