Thursday, August 12, 2010

There is a hawk in my backyard

Yep thats right, earlier today I was in my basement editing photos when my brother tell me there is a hawk right outside the door,  no joke there was a hawk just chilling out!

We noticed that it was eating insects and that it was blind in its right, so we thought we would feed a a few mice that normally go to our snake. My brother approached it no problem and just plopped the thing right in front of it. It was cautious at first but soon dug right into it.

Then we called a wild life rescue and told them about what was going on, because it seemed odd and we thought that it might need help. They confirmed to us that hawks normally will not behave like this and that we could capture it  and bring it to them the next day.

Armed with gloves and a towel we scared the hawk inside our house, and my brother grabbed it by the legs. Strangely it didn't really fight back much at all, no biting or struggling, it flapped its wings a few times but that was it.

I honestly would like to keep it and train it it hunt for me, but oh well its going on the the wildlife preserve tomorrow, ill miss it!

Once again, another day down.


  1. dude, your the coolest person i know

  2. Well thanks, you should follow this blog for more cool stuff! :P