Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gonna Revise Your Levi's With Physical Harm.

Good thing my jeans aren't Levi's, they are Samurai's, and to be more specific they are S710XX 19oz. A long name for a jean. What makes these jeans different? Well im glad you asked.

These jeans are 19 ounce Japanese selvage denim. For people that don't understand denim talk this means first off that theses jeans are very thick. Normal denim is about 9-11oz, per square yard, these jeans are 19oz, meaning that they are almost twice a thick as most other jeans. Next off the denim is loomed and the jean is assembled in Japan. Currently Japan, specifically Okayama Japan, makes the best denim in the world, after American switched from making denim with shuttle looms to projectile looms in the late 60's. Shuttle looms produce a thicker more durable denim, and create a "self edge" at the end of the fabric due. This fabric later became know as "selvage" denim, denim loomed on a shuttle loom,  merge this with Japanese detail and craftsmanship and you get a supreme pain of jeans.

Well anyway these jeans are also unsanforized, meaning that that have not been pre-washed or shrunken, so I need to shrink them before i wear them...
                         Before...                                                                                       After...

Well thats about all I have for you now, but updates will come on how these jeans age and progress, so stayed tuned.

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